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Document the oidc_claims parameter for registration_callback_url in the config file. (#614)

And help user with an example for provider_url. It should prevent them from
making the mistake of adding the oidc well-known path.
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......@@ -178,11 +178,14 @@ id="{{ .ApplicationServer.ID }}"
# can implement the association of the user with an organization, create a new
# organization, ...
# ChirpStack Application Server will make a HTTP POST call to this endpoint,
# with the URL parameter user_id.
# with the following URL parameters:
# - user_id, of the newly created user in ChirpStack Application Server.
# - oidc_claims, the claims returned by the OpenID Connect "UserInfo" call, JSON-encoded. Use this to find additional information, like the users organization.
registration_callback_url="{{ .ApplicationServer.UserAuthentication.OpenIDConnect.RegistrationCallbackURL }}"
# Provider URL.
# This is the URL of the OpenID Connect provider.
# Example: https://auth.example.org
provider_url="{{ .ApplicationServer.UserAuthentication.OpenIDConnect.ProviderURL }}"
# Client ID.
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