Commit 3609f4f9 authored by Orne Brocaar's avatar Orne Brocaar
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Assign new ctx id per multicast queue item.

parent 0ca435ba
......@@ -114,7 +114,16 @@ func ScheduleMulticastQueueBatch(ctx context.Context, size int) error {
for _, qi := range multicastQueueItems {
err := multicast.HandleScheduleQueueItem(ctx, tx, qi)
// create a new context ID, as this value is used as downlink ID. Without
// this, all downlink items in this batch will get assigned the same
// downlink ID.
ctxID, err := uuid.NewV4()
if err != nil {
log.WithError(err).Error("get new uuid error")
ctx = context.WithValue(ctx, logging.ContextIDKey, ctxID)
err = multicast.HandleScheduleQueueItem(ctx, tx, qi)
if err != nil {
"multicast_group_id": qi.MulticastGroupID,
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