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Extract truncated tests from default

parent e1d4ff7e
......@@ -197,12 +197,10 @@ def create_requests_list(dot=dot, **req_args):
if dot:
requests.append(('Test 1', create_request(dot=dot, **req_args)))
requests.append(('Test 2', create_request(dot=dot, **req_args)))
requests.append(('Test truncated data', create_request(dot=dot, trunc=True, **req_args)))
requests.append(('Test GET', create_request(**req_args), DOH_GET))
requests.append(('Test POST', create_request(**req_args), DOH_POST))
requests.append(('Test HEAD', create_request(**req_args), DOH_HEAD))
requests.append(('Test truncated data', create_request(trunc=True, **req_args), DOH_POST))
return requests
......@@ -600,8 +598,31 @@ def run_check_mime(connection, accept="application/dns-message", content_type="a
connection.curl.setopt(pycurl.HTTPHEADER, default_header)
return ok
def run_check_trunc(connection):
ok = True
test_name = 'Test truncated data'
if verbose:
req_args = { 'qname': name, 'qtype': rtype, 'use_edns': edns, 'want_dnssec': dnssec }
if dot:
request = create_request(dot=dot, trunc=True, **req_args)
request = create_request(trunc=True, **req_args) = True
except CustomException as e:
ok = False
if not print_result(connection, request, prefix=test_name):
ok = False
return ok
def run_check_additionals(connection):
if not run_check_trunc(connection):
return False
if not run_check_mime(connection, accept="text/html"):
return False
if not run_check_mime(connection, content_type="text/html"):
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