Commit 4fc145d5 authored by Alexandre's avatar Alexandre
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Missing vhost definition in usage

parent a3bf3c58
......@@ -133,10 +133,10 @@ def usage(msg=None):
--key <key> Authenticate a DoT resolver with its public <key> in
base64 (DoT only)
--nosni Do not perform SNI (DoT only)
-V --vhost <vhost> Use a specific virtual host
-k --insecure Do not check the certificate
-4 --v4only Force IPv4 resolution of url-or-servername
-6 --v6only Force IPv6 resolution of url-or-servername
-V --vhost <vhost>
-v --verbose Make the program more talkative
--debug Make the program even more talkative than -v
-h --help Print this message
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