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Readme, explain the goal of the tool.

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Homer is a DoH (DNS-over-HTTPS) and DoT (DNS-over-TLS) client. Its
main purpose is to test DoH and DoT resolvers.
This is a Python3 script using the [dnspython](
With the proliferation of public DoH and DoT resolvers, and the implementation
of clients inside OS or applications such as web browsers, we wanted to have an
easy to use command line client to make DoT and DoH queries. Homer also aims to
assess if a DoT or DoH resolver is compliant with the RFCs (
[RFC 7858]( for DoT and
[RFC 8484]( for DoH).
Homer is a Python3 script using the [dnspython](
library to generate and parse DNS messages, [netaddr](
to manipulate IP addresses, [PycURL]( to perform the HTTPs
transfers in DoH and [pyOpenSSL]( to
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