Commit 5994f9d4 authored by Alexandre's avatar Alexandre
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Remove duplicated initialization

parent 980f74fd
......@@ -199,6 +199,7 @@ def create_requests_list(**req_args):
requests.append(('Test HEAD', create_request(**req_args), DOH_HEAD))
return requests
class Request:
def __init__(self, qname, qtype=rtype, use_edns=edns, want_dnssec=dnssec):
self.message = dns.message.make_query(qname, dns.rdatatype.from_text(qtype), use_edns=use_edns, want_dnssec=want_dnssec)
......@@ -716,10 +717,8 @@ else:
if not dot:
if method == DOH_POST: = True
request.head = False
elif method == DOH_HEAD:
request.head = True = False
except CustomException as e:
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