Commit 5fe2798a authored by Alexandre's avatar Alexandre
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Comment on MAX_DURATION value and usage

parent ca994f00
......@@ -1251,7 +1251,12 @@ for connectTo in ip_set:
done = 0
current = conn.pipelining_init_pending(max_in_flight)
while done < tests:
if time.time() > start + MAX_DURATION:
if time.time() > start + MAX_DURATION: # if we send thousands of requests
# MAX_DURATION will be reached
# need to increase MAX_DURATION based
# on the number of queries
# or to define a relation such as
# f(tests) = MAX_DURATION
print("Elapsed time too long, %i requests never got a reply" % (tests-done))
id = conn.read_result(conn, conn.pending)
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