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......@@ -62,7 +62,6 @@ Possible options, besides `--dot`:
* --file INPUT_FILE: provide an input file with a list of domain name to query
(read the first line only, use --repeat N to read up to N lines of the file)
* --repeat N: repeat a test N times or read up to N lines of a file
* --silent: suppress response output (with --multistreams only)
### Check
......@@ -127,6 +126,33 @@ one):
When repeating tests, you can add a delay between tests, with `--delay
N`, where N is the (possibly fractional) number of seconds to wait.
### Mulitstreams
When using Homer with DoH, the option `--multistreams` can be used
to specify that you want to take advantage of the HTTP/2 streams
when sending several requests.
This option requires an input file provided with the `--file` option.
By default only the first line of the file is read. You need to
specify a number of line with `--repeat` to read more lines from
the file.
For example :
% ./ --multistreams --file input_file --repeat 5
In order to focus on the time per request, you can suppress the
output by using the option `--silent`.
This option only works with `--multistreams`.
Finally, two modes are available. By default each response is read,
checked and displayed as soon as it is received.
You can use `--sync` to delay this processing after the last transfer.
In that case the DNS responses are displayed in the same order as they
were sent.
### Monitoring with Nagios, Icinga, or similar software
If the program is named `check_doh` or ` check_dot` (either from
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