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......@@ -58,6 +58,10 @@ Possible options, besides `--dot`:
* --key KEYINBASE64: authentifies a DoT resolver with its public
key. Example: ` --key "62lKu9HsDVbyiPenApnc4sfmSYTHOVfFgL3pyB+cBL4=" --dot IN NS`
* --check: Run a set of tests (see below)
* --multistreams: (DoH) Uses HTTP/2 streams (requires the --file option)
* --file INPUT_FILE: provide an input file with a list of domain name to query
(read the first line only, use --repeat N to read up to N lines of the file)
* --repeat N: repeat a test N times or read up to N lines of a file
### Check
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