Commit 9e64c19d authored by Alexandre's avatar Alexandre
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Fix rtype / qtype argument calls

parent cf1d18f4
......@@ -323,7 +323,7 @@ class RequestDoT(Request):
class RequestDoH(Request):
def __init__(self, qname, qtype=rtype, use_edns=edns, want_dnssec=dnssec):
Request.__init__(self, qname, qtype=rtype, use_edns=edns, want_dnssec=dnssec)
Request.__init__(self, qname, qtype=qtype, use_edns=edns, want_dnssec=dnssec) = 0 # DoH requests that = False
self.head = False
......@@ -820,9 +820,9 @@ def print_result(connection, request, prefix=None, display_err=True):
def create_request(qname, qtype=rtype, use_edns=edns, want_dnssec=dnssec, dot=dot, trunc=False):
if dot:
request = RequestDoT(qname, rtype, use_edns, want_dnssec)
request = RequestDoT(qname, qtype, use_edns, want_dnssec)
request = RequestDoH(qname, rtype, use_edns, want_dnssec)
request = RequestDoH(qname, qtype, use_edns, want_dnssec)
if trunc:
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