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Define options in usage

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......@@ -101,7 +101,51 @@ def error(msg=None, exit=True):
def usage(msg=None):
if msg:
print("Usage: %s [--dot] url-or-servername domain-name [DNS type]" % sys.argv[0], file=sys.stderr)
print("Usage: %s [options] url-or-servername [domain-name [DNS type]]" % sys.argv[0], file=sys.stderr)
-t --dot Use DoT (by default use DoH)
-P --post --POST Use HTTP POST method for all transfers (DoH only)
-e --head --HEAD Use HTTP HEAD method for all transfers (DoH only)
-r --repeat <N> Perform N times the query. If used with -f, read up to
<N> rows of the <file>.
-d --delay <T> Time to wait in seconds between each synchronous
request (only with --repeat)
-f --file <file> Read domain names from <file>, one per row with an
optional DNS type
--check Perform a set of predefined tests.
--mandatory-level <level>
Define the <level> of test to perform (only with
Available <level> : legal, necessary, nicetohave
--multistreams Use HTTP/2 streams, needs an input file with -f
(DoH only)
--sync Process received queries synchronously (only with
Disable output of DNS response (only with
--time Display the time elapsed for the query (only with
--dnssec Request DNSSEC data (signatures)
--noedns Disable EDNS, default is to indicate EDNS support
--ecs Send ECS to authoritative servers, default is to
refuse it
--key <key> Authenticate a DoT resolver with its public <key> in
base64 (DoT only)
--nosni Do not perform SNI (DoT only)
-k --insecure Do not check the certificate
-4 --v4only Force IPv4 resolution of url-or-servername
-6 --v6only Force IPv6 resolution of url-or-servername
-V --vhost <vhost>
-v --verbose Make the program more talkative
--debug Make the program even more talkative than -v
-h --help Print this message
url-or-servername The URL or domain name of the DoT/DoH server
domain-name The domain name to resolve, not required if -f is
DNS type The DNS record type to resolve, default AAAA
""", file=sys.stderr)
print("See the for more details.", file=sys.stderr)
def is_valid_hostname(name):
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