Commit e60a3ba5 authored by Alexandre's avatar Alexandre
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Fix comment and variable

parent 661c1a7e
......@@ -286,11 +286,7 @@ class Connection: = 0
def do_test(self, qname, qtype=rtype):
# Routine doing one actual test. Returns a tuple, first member is a
# result (boolean indicating success for DoT, HTTP status code for
# DoH), second member is a DNS message (or a string if there is an
# error), third member is the size of the DNS message (or None if no
# proper response).
# Routine doing one actual test. Returns a Request
......@@ -301,7 +297,7 @@ class ConnectionDoT(Connection):
forceIPv4=forceIPv4, forceIPv6=forceIPv6, dot=True, verbose=verbose, insecure=insecure)
self.hasher = hashlib.sha256()
addrinfo = socket.getaddrinfo(server, 853,
addrinfo = socket.getaddrinfo(self.server, 853,
# May be loop over the results of getaddrinfo, to test all
# the IP addresses? See #13.
self.sock = socket.socket(addrinfo[0][0], socket.SOCK_STREAM)
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