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      Merge branch 'small-improvements-and-fixes' into 'master' · a69be136
      alex authored
      Small improvements and fixes
      * fix qtype usage
      * send an independent first request with multistreams
      * fix average time with multistreams
      * add comments
      See merge request bortzmeyer/homer!19
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      Add comments · 92eb630c
      Alexandre authored
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      Fix average request time with multistreams · 2d28a144
      Alexandre authored
      When using multistreams, requests are sent in parallel. curl keeps
      track of different time values for each handle independently. This
      means that we can retrieve the transfer duration for each handle
      It is then possible to calculate the average time taken by each
      transfer independently. Even so this might be an interesting data to
      compute, this does not reflect the benefits of using parallelism.
      Therefore the average time taken by a request is calculate as the
      total time elapsed to perform all the requests divided by the number
      of transfers.
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      Perform a first query to initiate curl multi · 6cbe39ea
      Alexandre authored
      When using curl multi, we populate the multi with handles and then
      call multi_perform which leads to curl establishing the multi
      connection and sending tranfers once it is done. This looks
      satfisfying enough if we don't look at the time values stored by curl
      in each handles. In this case it appears that all the transfer time
      are set to the time the curl multi was started meaning that all
      transfers keep track of the connection time, this is normal for the
      first transfer but unnecessary for all the following ones.
      Therefore by sending a first transfer asking for the root NS, it
      allows to open the connection without populating the resolver cache.
      And thus keeps the curl timers more accurate.
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      Fix rtype / qtype argument calls · 9e64c19d
      Alexandre authored
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      Merge branch 'pipelining' into 'master' · cf1d18f4
      alex authored
      [DoT] Pipelining
      See merge request bortzmeyer/homer!18
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