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* Adds ignoring Emacs backup files
* First version of CONTRIBUTING.pm
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# Emacs and other backup files
# Contributing to Zonemaster::CLI
Contribution to this repository is welcome. Contribution can be either an issue
report or a code or a documentation update. Also see the information in the
[main README][Zonemaster/Zonemaster README] in the main Zonemaster respository.
## Issue
First search for a similar issue in the [issues list]. If a relevant issue is
found, add your information as a comment. If no relevant issue is found, create
[a new issue][create issue]. Give as many details as you have and describe, if
possible, how the issue can be reproduced.
## Pull request
If you would like to contribute an update, first please look for issues and open
[pull requests] that are about the same thing. If nothing relevant is found or
you have a different solution, create [a new pull request][create pull request].
Creating a pull request assumes that you have your proposal in a fork repository.
When you create a pull request, please always start with the `develop` branch
and create the pull request against the same branch.
[issues list]: https://github.com/zonemaster/zonemaster-cli/issues
[create issue]: https://github.com/zonemaster/zonemaster-cli/issues/new
[pull requests]: https://github.com/zonemaster/zonemaster-cli/pulls
[create pull request]: https://github.com/zonemaster/zonemaster-cli/compare
[Zonemaster/Zonemaster README]: https://github.com/zonemaster/zonemaster#readme
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