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    Ldns 1.7.0 using submodule (#41) · 27176866
    Mattias Päivärinta authored
    * All ldns sources are removed from the repo - instead a git submodule is added for ldns (currently pointing to the tag release-1.7.0).
    * Autoconf-like tests are removed from Makefile.PL - instead running of `configure` is hooked up on make targets.
    * Generated `h` files are removed from MANIFEST - instead `h.in` files and `configure` and local files it depends on are added.
    * Git submodule initialization and generation of `configure` and friends are hooked up to make targets (so they can be included in the dist).
    * Makefile.PL is updated to build `libldns.a` from the new location.
    * Paths to ldns source files are updated in MANIFEST.
    * LICENSE-NLnet-Labs is replaced with ldns/LICENSE.
    * Unwanted files from the submodule directory are avoided in MANIFEST.SKIP.
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